“Providing excellence in higher education, providing training of health  professionals with a high level of qualification and potential of leadership, based on ethical, moral, scientific and humanistic principles; training qualified researchers in its graduate programs and produce high-quality innovative research with international insertion, exploring the boundaries of knowledge, but also attentive to the society needs; continuing interaction with the public sector and with the society in order to promote qualified assistance in health and in the dissemination of new knowledge.”


“Being nationally and internationally acknowledged as a paradigm of excellence by the quality of its undergraduate and graduate education and in the training of specialized professionals, by ethics, competence, entrepreneurship and leadership of those who egress, by the unique quality of its scientific production and social impact of its ctivities of health promotion to society.”


Social Commitment

Training of health professionals and researchers; production and dissemination of new knowledge, thus contributing to the scientific, technological and cultural development of the country; attention to the health of the community regarding the people’s necessities; interaction with the public sector, contributing to the definition of priorities and strategies of public policies.

Commitment with quality

The School of Medicine at the University of São Paulo is continuously working to improve education, research and extension activities; encouraging innovation and creativity in a planned and integrated way; permanently striving for excellence.

Conscious Management

Recognition and respect for fundamental principles of legality, morality, impersonality, publicity, transparency and efficiency that characterize the public administration.


Respect to the highest principles of justice, moral and ethical patterns based on academic, democratic and humanist principles.

Mutual Respect

Fair, decent, mutual, and respectful treatment to all citizens.

Quality in its work environment.

Encouraging teamwork, development and personal responsibility, integrity and  reliance among the members of the Institution, with respect to the individuality.