cse cuiaba

 CSE aims to:
  • Establish the principles of cooperation for the planning and development of education, research and extension programs of the School of Medicine and other Facilities of USP Ribeirão Preto campus (School of Nursing, School of Dentistry, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Philosophy, Sciences and Languages, School of Economics, Business and Accounting), aiming at the development of new technologies and knowledge in the context of the provision of health care to the population;
  • Support educational projects and integration of FMRP and other Facilities of USP campus Ribeirão Preto, concerning health care to the community, according to the curriculum defined by the Undergraduate Committees and approved by the Congregations of the respective facilities and in accordance with the provisions established by the Center for Primary Health Care to the Family and Community (CSFeC);
  • Provide qualification for undergraduate and graduate students, medical residents and other professionals in public health;
  • Organize and develop community programs focused on the assistance, prevention, promotion, rehabilitation of health and prevention of accidents, according to the
  • professional training in health;
  • Qualify technical personnel in primary care and action in family and community health;
  • Support curricular and extracurricular activities, approved by the Undergraduate Committee of FMRP-USP, and other facilities of Ribeirão Preto Campus, as well as collaborate with students’ league legally constituted by undergraduate students;
  • Encourage and integrate activities of programming, planning, functioning and services and health systems assessment;
  • Provide health care to individuals, families and collectivity in its area of scope, keeping the provisions of the preceding paragraphs.