The FMRP implemented on September, 1st, 2010, an office named Center for Project

Management (CGP), to support researchers in planning, execution and accountability of research projects funded by funding agencies (FAPESP, CNPq, CAPES and others).

The key point of this initiative is to save the scientists of the workload required for the management and administration of research projects. All this work used to be previously developed by the researcher, for this reason, the ATF has proposed the following activities to researchers in managing their research project:

a) Perform the purchasing of supplies and the contracting of services, through the approval and acceptance of the researcher,

b) Verify the purchase orders according to the grant contract,

c) Check the documentation required by the funding agency for each type of acquisition/contracting,

d) Request the financial resource (regarding FAPESP, for every payment the financial resource must be requested in advance),

e) Provide the payment to the supplier,

f) Prepare documents for import, regarding FAPESP resources. FMRP has import service concerning other source of resource (e.g., CNPq),

g) Develop accountability to the funding agency (by password to access the corporate systems or through indication of a representative),

h) Provide the incorporation of permanent supply to the assets of the Facility. Through the support of the CGP, this procedure has become immediate, unlike of accomplishing this task after the analysis of accountability by the funding agency.


Telefone: 16-3315-3236


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