CEMEL aims to:

  • Establish the principles of cooperation for the planning and joint development of educational programs at FMRP-USP, research interest in Legal Medicine and extension services to the community; Act as support of educational and supra-departmental projects for the insertion of FMRP-USP in the resolution of legal-medical and bioethical issues within the curricular structure defined by the Undergraduate Committee and approved by the Congregation of the FMRP-USP;
  • Familiarize undergraduate and graduate students, medical residency, continuing education and other professionals with the goals, techniques and programs of Legal Medicine, preparing them to take part in whatever specialty and level of professional performance;
  • Establish the principles for collaboration and integration with other USP Facilities, aiming at the improvement of education, research and extension;
  • Qualify technical staff and assist in the field of Legal Medicine;
  • Stimulate activities of programming, planning, operation and evaluation of Legal Medicine services;
  • Provide assistance in legal-medical issues for individuals and families.