CAP aims to:

Establish the principles of cooperation for the planning and joint development of education, research and extension programs in Primary Care, Family and Community Health, outside the administrative headquarters of FMRP-USP, through multidisciplinary teams;

Constitute the institutional locus to plan, coordinate and develop educational projects approved by the Undergraduate Committee and/or Congregation of FMRP-USP for undergraduate courses, focusing on the area of Primary Care, Family and Community Health;

Propose, implement, monitor, evaluate and participate in undergraduate programs, medical residency, permanent education with the goals and methods of the Family and Community Health, preparing to take part of them professionals of any specialty and professional level in line with the Committees of Undergraduate of FMRP-USP, Medical Residency of HCFMRP-USP and Culture and Extension of FMRP-USP, respectively;

Propose, implement, monitor, evaluate and participate in Programs of Primary Care, Family and Community Health focused on the practice and learning of students and professionals in line with Institutions involved with FMRP-USP;

Establish the support for the collaboration with other USP Facilities, other Universities and Institutions, aiming at improving the education, research and extension in the field of Primary Care, Family and Community Health.