The University Activities Committee (CAU) is a permanent committee and its function is to study and render legal opinion regarding the administrative aspects and merits on matters referred by the Director to support the discussion and the deliberation in the plenary of the Congregation.

The Director may request assistance of the Permanent Committees to assist decisions within his competence.

It is responsibility of the University Activities Committee to consider on:

  • the creation, adjustment or closing of Departments and Support Centers;
  • programs related to the extension of services to community and research programs provided by the Departments;
  • the policies, agreements, ordinances, terms and protocols of intent that must be submitted to the Congregation;
  • requests for simultaneous exercise of activities by faculty under Regime of Full Dedication to Teaching and Research;
  • individual reports concerning the simultaneous labor practices;
  • annual report presented by the Director of the School;
  • cases submitted to the Congregation, at appellate level;
  • annual review of FMRP-USP Master Plan.