Technical Section Computing


Kátia Mitiko Firmino Suzuki Cozin 


Felipe Carvalho Pellison
Fábio Sousa de Sant'Ana
Jose Francisco Rosa da Silva
Kátia Mitiko Firmino Suzuki Cozin
Leandro Barbosa Cerantola
Luís Fernando Cozin
Sidney Porcincula


The Technical Administrative Section is responsible for the network services provided to the FMRP community and the implementation of new technologies and it is subordinated to the Board of Directors and coordinated by the Informatics Committee.


Perform maintenance of network services (e-mail server, domain server, web hosting, web applications), database management and development of systems, technical support, maintenance of the FMRPnet network regarding the physical structures and the logical, as well as the management of FMRP webpage. The Technical Administrative Section also implements new technologies. Currently the Section has been working to provide Wireless network for all FMRP areas, VOIP service, videoconference, and classrooms equipped for distance learning.


Telefone: 55 16 3315 3031

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