Technical Accounting Assistance


Regina Celia da Rocha Bezerra 


Andrea Aline Ferreira Vianna
Eduardo Torquato de Oliveira
Flavia Cristina Freitas de Andrade
Mateus Simões Floria
Michele Aparecida Dela Ricci Junqueira
Regina Celia da Rocha Bezerra

Technical Accounting Assistance

The Technical Accounting Assistance participates in planning, control and fulfillment of budgetary and non-budgetary resources according to current policies and regulations, aiming at the flexibility, integrity and transparency in the application of the resources and in the negotiation with internal and external customers.

The TAA also supervises and coordinates the development of financial reports and also collaborates with the decision-making of the Board of Directors from FMRP.

TAA is responsible for the management of the following Sections:

  •  Accounting Section
  • Agreements Section
  • Supplies Section
  • Treasury Section
  • Purchasing and Importation Service
    • Center for Projects Management



Phone: 55 16 3315 3003

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