Center for Quantitative Methods – CEMEQ

CEMEQ aims to:

Establish the principles of cooperation and support for the joint planning and development of education, research and extension programs of services to the community in statistics, epidemiology, demography, operational research, applied mathematics and other quantitative methods at FMRP-USP;

Act as a support for educational and supra-departmental projects for the insertion of FMRP-USP in solving issues related to the area of quantitative methods within the curriculum structures defined by the Graduate and Undergraduate Committees and approved by the Congregation of FMRP-USP when necessary;

Provide qualification opportunities, access to techniques and programs of quantitative methods to undergraduate, graduate, lato sensu, stricto sensu, continuing education, faculty and other professionals, preparing them to participate in any level of skill and professional area;

Qualify technical staff and assist in the area of quantitative methods;

Develop research in the area of quantitative methods;

Establish the principles for collaboration and integration with other education and/or research Institutions, aiming at the improvement of education, research and extension.

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