Undergraduate Level Student Exchange

Foreign students registered as academic exchange students can attend classes at USP for a period of two semesters; this period may be extended of agreed to by the respective foreign institution. You can obtain credits or participate in research projects that can be recognized by their institutions of origin.

It is important to note that all courses or other activities offered by USP are given in Portuguese language. So, any student who plans to participate in a long term exchange program should have acquired some knowledge of Portuguese prior to arriving at USP.

The principal modalities for Undergraduate Level Academic Exchange are:

(I) stays to be realized within the context and with the support of a formal agreement between USP and the respective foreign institution

(II) stays that are independent and not supported by such agreements

In case of option I, the foreign institution will conduct the selection process. Subsequently, its International Office will inform the names of the student(s) selected for the respective exchange program to the CRInt of FMRP and/or to Comissão de Cooperação Internacional (CCInt) da Reitoria da USP

Information on undergraduate level courses offered can be obtained from the site of the Undergraduate Affairs Commission of FMRP (Comissão de Graduação) (http://www.fmrp.usp.br/cg/) and from the administrative site of USP (http://sistemas.usp.br/jupiterweb).

In case of option II, we recommend that students interested in attending courses at FMRP first establish contact with one of the professors of FMRP or with the Commission of International Relations CRInt-FMRP to receive initial information about the structure of the courses and the classes that are offered.

Further and more detailed information on undergraduate level courses offered can be obtained from the site of the Undergraduate Affairs Commission of FMRP (Comissão de Graduação) (http://www.fmrp.usp.br/cg/) and from the administrative site of USP (http://sistemas.usp.br/jupiterweb).

 Subsequently, you should prepare the following documents:

a. A Letter of Indication from the institution of origin; this letter should come from the Office of International Relations of the institution of origin;

b. A copy of the passport (used pages only);

c. Two photos 3 x 4 cm – one attached to the form available at the link listed under e.;

d. A plan of studies, indicating which classes or activities you plan to attend;

e. A list of classes you already attended at your institution(s) of origin, including information on grades obtained; This list should be translated into Portuguese and recognized/signed by an official of the institution of origin;

f. A Letter of Recommendation by one of the professors at the institution of origin;

e. The form Mobilidade Estrangeiro (download here) must be filled out and signed by you and an official of the Office of International Relations of your institution of origin.

This documentation should be sent to:

CRInt – Comissão de Relações Internacionais da Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto – Universidade de São Paulo

Avenida Bandeirantes 3900, CEP 14049-900 Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brasil


For admission to as a foreign exchange student to USP the documentation must reach us the latest:

• by October 15, for enrollment to the first semester (February until June)

• by May 01, for enrollment to the second semester (August until December)

After arriving at FMRP, the following further documents must be provided for enrollment of all Foreign Exchange Students

• a copy of the Health Insurance / Life Insurance contract covering the projected period of stay at FMRP;

• a copy of the passport containing the Student Visa (Temporário IV). It is important to note that only with such a visa (but not with a Tourist Visa) will it be possible to become enrolled as a student at FMRP.

At the Brazilian Embassy (or Consulate) of your country of origin you must request a Student Visa Type IV. For obtaining this you must have in hands the Letter of Acceptance (Carta de Aceitação) from the Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto, Universidade de São Paulo.

You will receive the Visa Application form, and you will have to bring this and the visa in the passport with you to become registered at the Federal Police after arriving in Brazil (this registration must be done until 30 days after entry to Brazil).

Stipends and Costs

The Universidade de São Paulo is a public university, and thus does not cover tuition from any of its students, including officially registered foreign exchange students. Currently, USP does not offer stipends, except for students who come in through special agreements.

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