There are only very limited vacancies for Student Housing on Campus, and the selection principle for these vacancies are social considerations (family income, special needs, etc.). For this reason, the majority of the students of USP live off campus, in rented apartments or houses. For your accommodation consider the following options

 I. For short term stays or for periods of transition:

  •  There are two Houses for Hosts on Campus; these have limited vacancies and are run by the Campus Administration (please contact CAPEE for vacancies)
  •  There is a conveniently located hotel (500 m from the main entrance to the campus) on Avenida do Café, offereing rooms at accessible prizes (Hotel Pousada Santa Rita ).

II. For longer stays:

  • There are conveniently located apartment complexes on Avenida do Café, the main access street to the USP campus. These offer small partially furnished one-bedroom apartments that can be rented on a monthly or semester basis.
  • You should talk to your classmates to find out about vacancies in larger apartments or houses rented by groups of students.

 Further details on accommodation, including offers via the Homestay program can be obtained from the International Office of the Campus Administration (Centro de Apóio à Professores e Estudantes Estrangeiros – CAPEE) at the site or by direct contact:


Rua das Paineiras, casa 4, Campus da USP de Ribeirão Preto

Av. Bandeirantes, 3900

Ribeirão Preto – SP, CEP.: 14040-900

Phones: (++55) 16 3602 4530



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