Symposium: “Peripheral and Central Regulation of Energy and Fluid Tonicity Homeostasis”


  • Inicia em: 04/10/2017 às 16:00h
  • Termina em: 06/10/2017

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The Symposium PERIPHERAL AND CENTRAL REGULATION OF ENERGY AND FLUID TONICITY HOMEOSTASIS to be held at the Medical School of Ribeirão Preto – USP has as its theme the regulation of energy homeostasis and body fluids. The thematic is current and of great interest with great advances in the knowledge of its physiological and pathophysiological aspects, as for example, hypertension and obesity. It is also highlighted that new methodological tools have contributed to the continuous advancement of this area of knowledge. The event will consist of seven modules, plenary sessions, oral presentation session, poster session and meeting with the specialist (Meet the Professor).

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